Retrospective - the album by Tuneola

"It's nice to hear songwriters outside of the Nashville song mill. True creativity.  I like the ability to color outside the lines without over complicating the song. Good job."

A smooth mix of blues, rock and Americana reminiscent of Steve Miller"......"mischievous R&B backbeat"...... "Crosby, Still and Nash style harmonies and a vibrant arrangement"...... "fun and full of a light energy that's irresistible"......

"tremendous energy and movement" "a fascinating listen" - Wildy Haskell  




"The clever lyrics are just part of the overall songwriting talent on display here." - Indie Music.com

"Each one of these songs is so unique, that’s what draws me into this album because you are surprised by each song, and they are really good.”

“Great Album I’m actually pretty impressed. What I like most is the electronic sounds and how they are mixed into the rock genre that the album is. I don’t think a lot of people can pull that off so it’s great to find this kind of album”.

Tuneola is the antithesis of the modern music scene, for Tuneola it all be about the music. Not the who or when or where or from.


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