Claudette In The Clouds

Ahh yes the dreaded biography. The blurb about how the artist grew up in a cardboard box under a railway bridge, starving and cold and learned about life….no....  non of that here.

Making music is like making a cake

Take one well seasoned multi-instrumentalist place in a pot to simmer....

...Throw in the gorgeous tones of a singer whose voice warms the heart and stirs the soul. Sing songs that make the tears well the blood pump the toes tap the spirit lift.

Mix in a dash of hammond or maybe piano add a little mandolin, sprinkle with a decent dollop of dobro, and smidging of electric guitar and bring slowly to the boil until the flavour starts to develop.

Bake until golden and succulent and place on top of a solid rhythm section and enjoy

Then devour, taking time to enjoy every morsel, let every nuance ignite the senses let………All right all right that's enough  it's still blurb …can we hear the music now!   Ok ok but I got more much more I could tell you about the spices that can be added …. Nooooo!  just let me hear the music….if you can’t hum it, it ain't with tosh!