Retrospective  - the album by Tuneola

"It's nice to hear songwriters outside of the Nashville song mill. True creativity.  I like the ability to color outside the lines without over complicating the song. Good job."

The clever lyrics are just part of the overall songwriting talent on display here." - Indie Music.com

A smooth mix of blues, rock and Americana reminiscent of Steve Miller".....

"mischievous R&B backbeat"...... "Crosby, Still and Nash style harmonies and a vibrant arrangement"...... "fun and full of a light energy that's irresistible"......

"tremendous energy and movement" "a fascinating listen" - Wildy Haskell  


"Each one of these songs is so unique, that’s what draws me into this album because you are surprised by each song, and they are really good.”

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What Fans Say:-

I can hear David Gilmour's tone in the singer's voice. Songs and videos are fresh. Good Melodys. Good Vibes. Like this. The album is good. A bunch of genre, Well produced and composed. Kinda psychadelic, exotic, nostalgic concept ? Surprising, Interesting and fresh. Good job. Cheers from France.    blackeyedtoys 

Wow! Sounds catchy. Very clean instrumentation, and super tight harmonies. The snappy rhythms are addictive, very good percussion. Heck, there isn't one thing that isn't exceptional about this! Anybody woul d enjoy this. Thank you!terrafirma91

Band has a good sound. Lead singer sounds a little like Jackson Brown.    Nazz1952 

the band is good great harmonies.......they have their own own unique sound and they want to be compare to themselves. GREAT JOB GUYS GOOD VIDEO LETS HEAR MORE FROM YOU!!!!!.    danfan53

Really reminds me of one of my favirote artists, Lady Antebellum and I love all of their songs, which is rare for me when it comes to artists. You're deffinately on the up friend.    2467deadman 

Reminded me of Gerry Rafferty. I dug it.     Zzyyxxyyxx 

Fantastici, bravissimi!!!    flaniman2 

I like this! Remind me a little of Tom Petty.    BASSisAmust 

it's just a fine piece of good music.    muxx441 

hey yeah i like that music you never know when you will be hit by what you like amen?!?!    lifeinyouisgod 

Weirdly enough in some verses the vocal delivery sounds kind of like Thom Yorke's from Radiohead, which is really strange because this is such a feel good song and the themes in all their songs basically boil down to 'life sucks'    FeederForLife 

Gtreat Work. Tooooooooooooooooo good 2 believe. I never imagined that so much talent existed in this Narcissistic World bijuvee123

sounds like the beatles and pink floyd lol    Blueberry954 

After years  listening to music on youtube, this is one that I that I was glad that I did. Nice music.  



“Personally this album deserves 4 stars, I like where it’s going. I wouldn’t be

surprised if Tuneola becomes really popular this year" -   MEL MEL 394

"Each one of these songs is so unique, that’s what draws me into this album because you are surprised by each song, and they are really good.”.-    Colter_unical